Dermaplaning can be used in rotation with chemical peels and microdermabrasion.  Using a modified surgical utensil and blade it glides over the patient’s skin to physically exfoliate dead surface skin cells. We combine prescriptive acids and nutrient dense products for an unparalleled outcome of soft, smooth even skin that is free from stubborn facial peach fuzz.

What is the technique?

A specialized sterile surgical instrument is used for safety.  The skin is prepped based on your skin type the skin is held taut and gently scrapes the skin at a 45 degree angle. The vellous hair and top layer of dead skin cells are safely removed. it helps correct pigmentation concerns and provides a more youthful, healthy glow. Dermaplaning is great for diminishing acne scars.

Will the vellous hair grow back thicker?

No, the soft, fine, vellous hair will grow back slowly with no change to the physiology – in approximately 4 weeks.

What areas can be treated?

Anywhere on the face except the eyelids.

How often can dermaplaning be performed?

Every 3 to 4 weeks, a normal skin cycle is approximately 21-30 days. This removes about 2 to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells.

Can dermaplaning be performed with a chemical peel?

Yes this is an excellent way to prepare the skin for a chemical peel. Depending on the peel and your skin type your skin may be prepped up to 2 weeks in advance of the peel.

Does the skin peel from dermaplaning?

No, however, when combined with a chemical peel the visible exfoliation that occurs is a result of the peel used in the treatment.

Who can be treated?

All skin types can benefit.  This is a great treatment for Global skin types IV-VI.  Darker skin tones have more layers of skin when aging the skin tends to sag rather than wrinkle so removing these extra layers of skin assists in retaining a youthful look.

Who can’t be treated?

Active acne outbreaks or cold sores, until lesions are healed. Clients with bleeding disorders or difficulty clotting should not be treated. Clients with diabetes not under control by diet or medication should not be treated.  Clients undergoing cancer treatment should not be treated.

Is there any downtime after Dermaplaning?

No, the skin instantly has a healthy glow, feels smooth and soft and makeup glides on effortlessly for a flawless finish.  Great for an important social event or television appearance.

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